Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp

Realizing that students need to be given an opportunity where they can explore their interest, self-confidence, independence, leadership skill and building a connection with their friends, Primary Global Islamic School held an adventure Camp for grade 5 to Happy land Bogor for 2 days, started from August 29th – 30th 2019.

Adventure Camp teaches independence and self-confidence. For some students joining the adventure, camp might be their first experience to be away from home. Most of the students might experience homesickness and difficulty in taking care of their belongings. Dealing with these 2 important things provide students with space to naturally grow their self-independence, self- awareness and self-confidence.

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Adventure Camp increases leadership skills. Adventure camp is designed where students work in small groups consist of 8 to 10 students with one student as a group leader. A group leader has a great responsibility for the members of the group. Being a good leader will increase student’s leadership skills. He or she also might even inspire their group members on how to be a good leader. Adventure Camp increases braveness, Adventure camp encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and do some activities that make them a little nervous. When they succeed, it proves them they can overcome their fear and do what they think they can’t.

Finally, when grade 5 students are going back home, they come with a new version of themselves. They feel capable of doing challenging things, they have great leadership skills and better self confidence. With this attitude, students will be able to perform better in school and in their daily lives.

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*Penulis merupakan Teacher of Primary GIS 1 Jakarta

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