Play Group Kindergarten Global Islamic School as a learning park is a school that develops 4 potentials of children's education, namely; academic potential, Islamic potential, leadership and English.

Global Islamic School, which has been established since 2002 and continues to adapt to technological developments and the needs of students' developmental tasks, so that the school becomes a comfortable second home to grow, develop and learn.

Educators who are friendly, passionate, cheerful, creative and young at heart are ready to accompany your son/ daughter through their golden age to grow into the best generation with character, confidence and good character.

Representative facilities according to the needs of children's development and various student activity programs that raise intelligence, responsibility, honesty, and compassion are ready to accompany your child's days full of joy and color.

Implements Educational Patterns
That Ensure Students Are Able to :

Carry out individual activities independently and dare to ask for help when needed.
Collaborate with peers and adults in groups.
Share and help each other.
Introduce simple rules, habituation of routine activities and worship.
Be actively involved in certain activities and complete tasks.
Build the courage to ask and answer questions in Indonesian and English.
Develop the ability to select and choose something.
Share experiences with peers.

Featured Programs
Global Islamic School