Primary School

Global Islamic School, as a learning park, develops 4 pillars of education, namely, academic pillars, Islamic pillars, leadership pillars and global pillars. Global Islamic School, which was founded in 2002, continues to adapt to technological developments and the needs of students' developmental tasks, so that the school becomes a comfortable second home to grow, develop and learn.

Learning to read, write and count will be very fun here, with friendly, friendly, creative and innovative educators. So that important moments in their lives that we know as the golden age can be optimized as well as possible.

Educators who are cheerful and young at heart are ready to accompany their sons / daughters through their golden age to grow into the best generation with character, confidence and good character.

Primary School GIS
Implements Educational Patterns
That Make Students Able to:

Become an individual who feels valuable, meaningful and happy.
Enjoy the learning process, new experiences and opportunities, and appreciate achievements.
Have the ability to lead oneself, others and work together in groups.
Obeying simple rules, habituation of routine activities and worship.
Have the courage to communicate in Indonesian and English.
Become a good Muslim person and have an independent attitude, responsibility and tolerance.

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