SMP GIS delivers and forms students into future generations of Muslim intellectuals who are kaffah (integral) through the implementation of formal education at the junior secondary level. SMP GIS always strives to provide the best quality education through the integration of Islamic values ​​into all educational processes in schools. It aims to prepare the nation's generation of superior quality in the order of morality as a provision to face future life.

In learning, SMP GIS uses a student-centered approach with various learning methods such as: contextual learning, cooperative/collaborative learning, mastery learning, inquiry learning, which is supported by the use of ICT as the main media. Learning activities take place in classrooms that are designed in the context of interesting subjects and can motivate students with a moving class pattern.

Junior High School GIS
Implements Educational Patterns
That Make Students Able to:

Have excellence in academic competence.
Mastering science and technology according to the competence of each level.
Internalize Islamic values ​​in all educational processes.
Communicating in English includes four aspects of competence, namely: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
Able to read the Qur`an with tartil and recite remembrance and prayer.
Understand and practice the basic teachings of Islam according to the Qur`an and As-Sunnah.
Equip the basics of leadership needed to prepare students to become Muslim individuals and leaders who have character and have an independent attitude, tolerance, responsibility (task commitment) and able to solve problems creatively (creative problem solving).

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